A comprehensive CRM system for your business - keep track of your business team, its activities and its successes.


We offer you a system that adapts to your business process. Try Mango, in which you have an overview of all the activities of your sales team, you can manage and control all processes and thus increase the turnover of your company.

easy to use


Many, even high-quality systems often fail because users refuse to use them because of their complexity. They are mainly sales representatives and people who work primarily out of office. We created a CRM system, where activities are created through the integration of data from the Mango Mobile phone application, GPS vehicle monitoring, e-mail client, call center, attendance system, and the Mango Desktop app automatically. Mango Desktop app can automatically summarize activities on the users computer.


Do you feel that everyone is working 100 percent, but still not achieving satisfactory results? Have you considered the causes? To work a lot does not mean to work efficiently. Do you have a tool that is simple, employees like to work with it and help them with their work? If not, you are right here. With its architecture, Mango helps with work and makes it as easy as possible. With the right settings, it increases productivity by tens of percent, so much more work can be done in the same amount of time.



Can you evaluate how busy is your sales team during the day? Do you know how much of a working time a particular employee spent what activity? Or are you wondering why the customer stopped responding after sending the offer? Did not he/she like the price or have no time to focus on the offer? These are common questions for every manager, and Mango, with his analytics tools, will help you analyze and answer these questions.


If you want to be successful in your business, then you need to have an overview of all. Spreadsheets stored on your computer and the offers that you have given to customers only by e-mail or phone call will not be provided this overview to you. In addition, there is a risk that you will not be able to find specific information ... . This will not happen to you in Mango. Offers and orders, as well as all activities for your clients, are arranged chronologically and always at hand. Another advantage is that you can upload all documents to an online data repository, where they will be securely stored for future use.



Are you tired of using unnecessarily many programs for the usual operation of your business? We too. So we are gradually integrating more and more programs into Mango so that you have everything available in one place. However, if Mango still does not meet your requirements for connection to your ERP, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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Satisfied employee, even happier manager!

What do you get with our system?

mango presentation


Plan all business activities in a simply calendar - the possibility of integration with Google Calendar.


It can grow with your corporate culture and your requirements to grow your sales.


Clear evidence and archiving of information about your customers. Integration with the company register.


Possibility to individually adapt individual functions of the CRM system according to the needs of your company.


Support mechanism for new acquisitions. Increase the efficiency and productivity of work processes thanks to automation, centralization, etc.


Sharing business activities across the company - for truly teamwork!

Basic features of the MANGO system

What does the system allow?

  • Client address book

    In MANGO, you can insert new clients easily thanks to the connection to the online company register, and there is no need to enter each item manually. In addition, you can configure custom fields by which you can filter and sort clients. The view on an address book is then possible in a simple or advanced view. In an advanced view is possible to edit records without having to open them separately in a new window.

  • Calendar

    A scheduling calendar of sales tasks helps users to make sales with a clear head. By using MANGO, the user can remove his records in diaries, excel spreadsheets, etc. He has his customers and also his daily schedule in one overview of the online system, where he can share his activities with his manager.

  • Offers and orders

    The system enables the simple and fast creation of an offer and an order for a client. The user of Mango can send all documents directly from MANGO to the clients. Through analytical tools, can he monitor how a potential client is working with the offer, or what he is interested in.

  • Documents

    The system enables the archiving of important documents that can be accessed and made public by all users of the system. All documents can be downloaded according to the user's needs and work with them.

  • Reminder

    The activities that the user creates with the date of the next activity can be reminded by MANGO through notifications to the users e-mail on the day that the user filled in as the date when he wants to continue working with the company. This way you will never forget to contact the client or what you have agreed with the client.

  • Reporting

    All the data that the user writes down to his companies serves as a record of the development of the business, which he can view at any time. He does not need to write notes from the meeting in the diary, MANGO gives him the opportunity to clearly create and process a record of a business case. MANGO can turn all these records into useful statistics. Thanks to user reporting, the manager is able to check how users are fulfilling their obligations and how well they are fulfilling the business plan.

  • Mobile interface

    MANGO is designed so that you can work with it on your tablet or smartphone without having to install another application. Speed ​​is very important in the bussiness and the right sales man spends most of his working time in the field. That's why MANGO can be customized for the device and allows you to work just as well in the field and in the office.

  • and many more features!

Pricing plans

MANGO can be ordered in two basic modes. The FREE variant is for smaller companies that want to have order in their business, but do not want to invest money in a CRM system yet. If the company subsequently grows up, it can switch to the paid module at any time. The PAID variant is for more advanced users or for medium and larger companies that have higher demands on CRM functionality.


0 EUR / month

Small business package

up to 3 users

This package contains basic features:

  • • User activities
  • • Calendar
  • • Adress book
  • • Documents
  • • Dashboard
  • • Offers and orders
  • • Tasks
  • • Business opportunities


from 8.9 EUR / month

Does the Free Package not cover your needs?

Set the parameters of your new CRM yourself.

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