Business opportunities

Planning for future sales and results

Some companies don't plan their business at all, they don't know exactly what will happen, what potential they have on the market, and therefore not exactly what they need to work on in order to get better business results.

If you belong to the second group or, on the contrary, you want to start planning sales, then the business opportunities section in Mango is ready for you.

How does it work and what is it actually?


Business Opportunities is an extensive section in Mango with various settings and features. But let's go step by step:

What is a business opportunity?

Most of you probably have an idea, but maybe everyone imagines something different.

Each business opportunity represents a certain sale of your company. If we were to take as an example a company that sells computers and related services, its business opportunities would look like this:

  • potential customer : Elementary school village Horná Dolná
  • what he is interested in : 25 printers
  • estimated amount: 5000 Eur
  • when he wants to get it : until 1.3.2028

This is how it is put simply, who consumes what and for how long. How could it look like in Mango?

The business opportunity is therefore not a price offer (it has not yet arrived in the case above)

It is neither an activity, nor an order, nor a lead, since a lead is a potential customer who has already shown interest in our services.

A business opportunity is therefore some potential that you know about, you can quantify it, either financially or otherwise (for example, if you only sell printers, then the number of printers per business opportunity).

If you are a team of several salesmen, then you can follow:

  1. who has how much in progress
  2. what status are the opportunities in
  3. how many opportunities the salesman converts into sales and how many he loses
  4. what were the reasons for losing or winning
  5. which opportunities are longer without status change
  6. which product suits you best
  7. or what you should stock up on 

So what do business opportunities look like in Mango?


Basic view of business opportunities for PC + demo of ease of use :

In the mobile view, opportunities are displayed in the so-called card display 

The content of the given cards can be edited for each user separately. Someone may be more interested in the financial side of the business, someone more interested in the number of opportunities according to statuses and the like.

You can use predefined quick filters to filter opportunities, or the opportunity extra package also includes detailed filtering with saving filters for yourself or your colleagues:


An interesting addition is the possibility to display business opportunities also in the "business dashboard" view. It means that all business opportunities according to your filter will be sorted into columns according to individual statuses, and you can see in the status header how much you have for each opportunity in a given status and how many you have there. The entire business dashboard works Drag and Drop, so you can easily move opportunities according to their statuses or mark them as wins or losses. Look, it's very simple and clear.

If you like to measure the performance of merchants not only financially, but also the number of something (for example, printers), then a useful function is the possibility to create your own fields within the framework of business opportunities, which you can then fill in and record. Creating your own field is very easy and does not require any programmer :)