Control of employee workload

Or how to increase employee productivity?


This topic is primarily for managers of companies or smaller groups and most employees will certainly not like it, but we believe that those who have nothing to hide will not mind recording their activities in Mango.

We are talking about the recording of employees' activities while performing their work and the subsequent evaluation of their performance and reliability.

How do we do it?

Mango can record certain types of activities completely automatically, so the evaluation of activities does not depend on whether the user enters those activities into Mango or not. You may have already seen on our website that Mango can automatically record phone calls and emails. If not you can read it here:

Automatic monitoring of phone calls, emails...

Furthermore, Mango can automatically record phone calls via VOIP, phone calls running on the Daktela program, vehicle journeys (if the vehicle is equipped with the WEB DISPATCH system), logging in and out of employees in the attendance system iDochádzka, and finally Mango can use the Mango Desktop App to monitor the complete work on the employee's computer.

So what does it look like in practice?

From all these connections, we can automatically scan:

  • - phone calls
  • - emails
  • - traveling and parking company vehicles
  • - work on the computer

the above picture shows the timeline of the user and what he was doing at what time. The colors represent different types of tasks according to the legend.

With such an overview, you can really easily compare individual employees and appreciate the best ones for their great work.

Yes, of course we know that there is no direct correlation between the number of activities and the quality of work, but we know from experience that it often goes in one line.

You can see various statistics of individual employees on various graphs on the bulletin board and a quick overview of the company is here :)


Thanks to this information, you can increase the average productivity as well

by 20 % ! 

Don't you believe? try it :)