how does the integration with Mango work?


Do you use SuperFaktúra or do you need to invoice orders from Mango?

Connect these 2 products and see how easy it is 😉

How complex is the integration?

As I said above, it's very simple. It is enough to activate the module and then insert the API key and user account in SuperFaktúra into the module settings.

*the image above shows a connection setup example.

You can find the API key in SuperFaktúra here : 

Issuance of an invoice/cost

After a successful connection, you can subsequently issue 2 types of invoices and one type of cost:

1) Simple invoice from the order

Once you have the order ready for completion, you can issue an invoice in SuperFaktúra upon completion of the order.

2) Bulk invoice from orders

If you have several orders from one customer and you don't want to send them the same number of invoices, you can handle it with one bulk invoice. You can easily do this directly from the order list:

You simply mark the invoices and choose Create bulk invoice.

3) Simple cost

Similar to a simple invoice, it is also possible to create a simple cost in SuperFaktúra for issued orders. This will be created for you in SuperFaktúra, where you can then simply pay the received invoice.

In the overview of orders, you can see whether the given order has been invoiced or paid (checkbox clicked) and of course it is possible to click through to the given invoice in Mango

Data synchronization Mango vs Superfaktura

Mango and SuperFaktúra work really closely together, and issued invoices and possibly costs are continuously synchronized back to Mango every 15 minutes. So everyone who needs to have an overview of the issued invoices and the payment behavior of your customers can easily access the data directly in Mango.

So you don't have to send the whole company to SuperFaktúra, but really only people from the economic department.

Basic view of issued invoices

For each invoice, we can see whether or not it has been paid, how much we have to pay in full, or whether it has been credited.

You can filter invoices by periods, customers, and similar, as is already common in Mango.

Invoice detail

After opening a specific invoice you can download the invoice as a PDF or click directly to SuperFaktúra.

Mango continues to work with these invoices even in the case of a customer's credit check. When creating an order, Mango checks whether the customer is within the credit limit or not. If you have invoices registered in Mango in this way, you can set a credit source for unpaid invoices, which is definitely better than checking only orders.

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