Mango mobile applications

Always have Mango at hand!

Always be online when you need

With the Mango Mobile mobile application, you will always be informed about the news that is happening in your company and you will be able to record your work online.

We have prepared applications for both iOS and Android so that you can work fully from anywhere.

The Mango mobile application is a full-fledged application with all the functions as you are used to working with Mango on PC.

You can download the application for free by clicking on the images below:

Automatic recording of phone calls, synchronization of contacts

We have also developed an application for the Android operating system that can record all your calls that you have made on your phone and can automatically send them to the CRM, so you will no longer need to keep a diary with manual recording of phone calls. These phone calls are automatically assigned to companies, so all you have to do is add a note.

The application also synchronizes your contacts from Manga to your phone, so you will always have all your contacts at hand (even if, for example, you lose your phone).

You can read more about this application here:

Mango Mobile App