CRM System for everyone

An ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Online CRM solution for everyone

Mango is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies, mainly for two reasons :

- it is cheap - no initial investment, only a monthly license fee

- it is easy to implement - without the need to have your own programmer or IT technician.

It is possible to start working with him on the very first day you decide to give us a chance.

How do it and what will you need?

1) the first step is to create a registration with us. To help you a little, here is a link to the registration form 


2) after registration, you will shortly receive an activation link where you can choose a secure password, and hooray, you have your own account in Mango :)

If in the note Promo code you write 30daytrial so we will automatically activate all-important modules for free for 30 days :)

Subsequent work with Mango is not difficult at all and you always have our user guide available

User Guide

Free Online CRM

You can have Mango completely free if you are a small company with up to 5 users and you do not have high demands on the system. If you grow later and need more users, or if you want to have more advanced functions in Mango, you can easily purchase them directly in the system settings and you don't have to migrate anything anywhere :) Simple, right?