Automatic recording of phone calls, emails...

How Mango makes it easier for application users


Many, even high-quality systems often fail precisely because users refuse to use them due to their complexity. These are mainly sales representatives and people who work primarily in the field.

We have created an online CRM system where activities are created automatically through the integration of data from the telephone application Mango Mobile App, e-mail client, call center software and the like.

In this case, the user (salesman, technician, manager) does not have to manually enter everything into the CRM, but it is already there and is just waiting for verification.

Above we have a view of activities harvested mainly completely automatically. Activities that have not yet been verified by the user are colored orange and therefore cannot be seen by anyone else except him. Verification can also be performed en masse.

For phone calls created in this way, you only need to add a note, if necessary, about what you have prepared and what you need to think about and it's done :) Emails can be collected directly with the text of the email, so there is no need to do anything with emails :)

Mango tries to assign all harvested activities to individual clients that you have stored in the address book and matches it by phone number or email. If the given tel. If you have saved a number or email to a person in the address book, Mango will automatically match and assign it to you :)

You can read about how call transfer from the Mango Mobile App works here

Mango Mobile App

What good is it, you say? We believe that a good businessman needs to have his business activity thoroughly recorded so that he does not forget anything and that he knows what he communicated with the client about earlier. You can see the activities collected in this way for individual customers both in the basic Activities section and directly on the client's card:

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