Advanced calendar options - planning

Planning and overview of events.

Advanced calendar options - scheduling

Do you need to see the calendar of your colleagues or put some event in their calendar here and there so they don't forget something or you just need to plan for them any activity? Thanks to this module, you will be able to afford it :) As a bonus, you will be able to link activities and the calendar and thus plan according to the created own activities, which can represent, for example, some work at a client and the like.

How it works

In the calendar, you can display the events of your colleagues in the right menu (according to authorizations) and their events will be mixed with your Yours.

When adding, you can choose which user you want to insert the event, whether you want to invite some external users, or whether you want to add a reminder of the event:

An interesting function is also the link between the event and the activity. You can thus plan events based on planned activities (for example, service work and the like).