How the connection with the Leady product works

We have great news for everyone who uses Imper's Leady product.

Mango and Leads are connected, so every lead can come directly to Mango where you can continue to work with it ūü§ó


How does it all work?

1) in your account, in the expansion modules, you can activate the connection with the Leady service:

2) In the connection settings, you simply copy the link that is generated for each customer:

3) Insert this link into the Leady application in webhooks and we are done ūüėä

Subsequently, all leads will be displayed in our leads section, where you can usually work with them:

A lead is always created only once and then only a note is edited, where you can see how many times the given customer visited the website, which specific page they visited, and what the referrer was.

You can see more about working with the Leady section in Mango here:

Section Leads