Interactive online offers and orders

How can they help you in business?

Do you wonder what we mean by interactive? How can the menu be interactive? Simple, you can do something with it :)

When we thought about how offers and orders in Mango could look like, we decided that we don't want to bring you again what is already on the market, and by that, I mean simple offers that you create, generate in PDF and send to the customer. You could do this in just Excel and it would be very similar. We wanted to come up with something that would excite you and that's why we decided that the offers and orders in Mango will not be sent to customers in PDF format, but will be online links that your customer can open in their browser and can work with the offer like a web application.

So what can he do with the offer?

  •  - basically, compared to some PDF versions, you can click and hide labels and images for products.
    •  - can reject or accept the offer electronically directly from the document
    •  - you can insert various images, videos and other interactive elements into the menu

  • and what's best about all of this, Mango's analytical tools will tell you how the client worked with the offer, how many times he opened it, and what interested him in the offer.

Of course, you are informed about everything important by notifications directly to your email :)

Watch the short video we have prepared for you to see how your customer can see your offer or order and what he can do with it :)