Microsoft Excel

Loading data from Mango into MS Excel

Excel is still a common tool in many companies for reporting, calculations, etc. And why not? Excel is a smart helper and if you know how to work in it, it can save you hundreds of hours of time. Surely you also have some Excel workbooks that you cannot do without in business and that's okay.

How do you get the data into these Excel workbooks? Do you or your colleagues enter it there manually?

It's a nuisance and we know it very well, and that's why we've prepared the option to automatically move data from your Mango into the given Excel workbooks and thus not spend time filling them in.

How does it work?

Mango can be connected to MS excel using Mango API 

All API functions that return some data can also be applied to Excel and Excel can automatically restore them when needed.

The data can be restored either after opening the Excel workbook, or periodically once every X minutes/hours, and so on.

Thanks to this connection, you can create any report from raw Mango data, including graphs, etc., and every time you open the given report, you will have current data from Mango in it without having to copy and prepare anything! If you feel the excitement from my words, then you feel it right because it is really a great thing and once you try it, you will understand.

See how easy it is to get data from Mango to Excel via API.

Is it really that simple? this is how we quickly made an overview of orders for individual companies, and you only need to save such an excel, and whenever you open it, the current data from Mango will be loaded into it :)