What is new in our world?

We have a new Mango Desktop App (MDA)

It's finally here. It's finally with us :) We released our new application Mango Desktop App (MDA), which when the user installs it on his PC, it will completely record the work on his computer and will automatically send it to Mango for activities :) What is it good for? There are more views on it and it depends on who you are.

If you are a manager and you have people under you who spend a lot of working time on the computer, then MDA will help you understand what your colleagues are working on and you can optimize processes and check the quality of work and the commitment of individual team members.

If you're your own boss, then MDA will help you monitor what you've been working on throughout the working hours and therefore, if necessary, you can calculate the hours worked on individual projects, without having to keep a demanding record of time :) So what does it look like?

The installed application starts itself every time the computer is restarted and runs in the background. If you want to see what it is doing right now, you can click on the icon next to the clock and the application will appear. In its main screen, you can see the current status and whether it has anything to send to the main Mango application:

All activities are subsequently displayed in the main menu with the MDA flag

and then they are also displayed on the user's main timeline in pink

Great isn't it? :)

Try it today.