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Help this great tool get as many people as possible.

We take good care of our partners

If you decide to become our partner, you will receive complete background and technical support from us. We will make sure that you become a full-fledged partner.


At the beginning, of course, we will provide you with introductory training in the application and, if necessary, we will be happy to retrain you on a regular basis. We are aware that without proper knowledge of the system, it is not possible to sell and implement the system for your clients.

Advertising materials

We will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials. It doesn't matter if you prefer printed or digital materials. We will take care of you so that you do not miss anything. We will help you with email marketing, identifying customers from digital campaigns, and so on. Of course, we will discuss the details in person :)

Access to internal CRM

We will not let you work in Excel or only in the diaries :) We will make our internal approach available to you so you can manage all your activities. As part of your approach, data about your active customers will always be up to date. If you choose to cooperate with the implementer, you will also get the opportunity to work with your clients account for the purpose of technical support or consulting.

Regular report

We take care of the complete administration towards our join clients and we will regularly inform you about your commissions for arranging trades. Everything is fully automatic, so we will not be burdened with unnecessary administration and we can focus fully on business.

Sales support

We are fully aware that it is very difficult to offer, sell and successfully implement a solution like our Mango at the beginning of the cooperation. We will nott let you in. We will be happy to support you personally with your potential customers for the purpose of a fully professional presentation and solution design.

Levels of cooperation

We offer several cooperation options. Each level has its own rules, which one you choose only for you.

Advertising partner

Banner sharing / logo placement on your site.

Monthly commission from invoices:



Guessing potential customers.

Monthly commission from invoices:



Selling Mango to new customers.

Monthly commission from invoices:


Agent - implementer

Sales, implementation and after support of Mango to new customers.

Monthly commission from invoices:


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